Healthier You:
Total body mind transformation
- The Full Program

So you have now completed your Metabolic Typing  and Colon Transit Forms !

Now what?

The full HEALTHIER YOU program

By now, you  have a better understanding of who you are and whether you are eating in harmony with yourself or causing more chaos causing symptoms like weight gain, skin condition, digestive and elimination problems and of course lacking in energy to sustain your day.


Well you can google and find foods and make your choices better and you can drink more water to assist in body organs eliminating and take supplements to improve your gut health and enzymes for digestion or you can grab my  offer at this amazing price of just $397.00 where you work with me one on one and get sent direct some further forms where we work together to find out what organs are not working for you and solutions to get you on track again.  We will look at physical, mental and lifestyle blockages preventing you from working through areas of frustration like weight gain, hair breaking, hormones screaming, bowels not working or overworking etc. and we will do this painlessly.  

We will have a 15 min call to start our consult and get to know each other and then you work at your time with no pressure to complete required forms and I guarantee you we will figure out where and what is holding you back in your body and total wellbeing. You can scan the forms back where a 2-3 hour assessment process takes place and you will see graphed all your organs and hormones to see what really is going on in your body that is stopping you from weight loss, weight gain, anxiety, happiness, sleep and just been a body serving you.   

We will have 2-3 consults via Zoom or in person and I promise you will be saying OMG why has it taken me so long to find all this out about myself.   Yes, this time you will get results and progress for the rest of your life knowing truly what is  standing in your way and answers and plans to get your Better Body & Mind. 

About Sandy

Sandy has 30 years experience in all aspects of fitness, health & wellbeing and is a pioneer in her ability to help rehabilitate, rejuvenate tone strengthen bodies of all age including weight loss and hormone balancing and eliminating anxiety and stress.

Sandy currently runs an exclusive private/semi-private training business and rehab clinic in Albany, NZ applying Chek Practitioner principles.  Sandy is   a Master Trainer in mat and reformer pilates in her practise together with teaching community mat pilates classes at two North Shore, Auckland venues.

Sandy’s clients include CEOs, executives, physios, athletes of all ages Doctors and leading surgeons who have attributed total rehabilitation, post hip, shoulder and knee surgery alongside weight loss and general wellbeing, pain relief and energy levels  from her unique approach to wellness.

She has changed peoples life’s and beliefs and assisted in fighting pain and inflammation and cancer together with building strong minds and bodies with her unique approach to treating everyone as an individual and apply a combination of her holistic lifestyle, pilates and CHEK quals.