Work with Sandy!

One on one six-months with Sandy to

Flush all your health goals in one

By now, you  have a better understanding of who you are and whether you are eating in harmony with yourself or causing more chaos causing symptoms like weight gain, skin condition, digestive and elimination problems and of course lacking in energy to sustain your day.


Here you Are Thinking I Just Want to Feel Better and Look Better Right?

Its overwhelming all the courses in yoga and lifestyle and health isn’t it?

Well You’re here With Me and I want to congratulate you for your curiosity of What Can I Offer you in a six months One on One Package.

We will assess, not guess all your internal organs and current lifestyle and eating habits and fine tune so you no longer feel lacking of energy, bloating and weight gain not to mention annoying digestive, elimination and hormone issues.

We will evaluate your current physical condition both in what it looks like and how it works for you and find the areas interfering with your life causing pain and discomfort and figure out why and bring in a correction plan.

We will have weekly 30min calls to keep on track and extra forms and videos sent to you to easily work with creating new habits and a Better You.

You will have access to me by text and email to ask questions that we will cover in our sessions together or if urgent a prompt reply.

You will have first access to extra appts, and special offers, and any retreats or seminars online and offline.

It does not matter who you are, how old you are, what surgeries, conditions or issues you are currently dealing with because I promise you we will work through all and work with what you have left if you have injuries or surgeries.

Gosh ive got a full hip replacement, a full shoulder repair and a dodgy old knee with patella misplacement from surfing, all from over use and inbalance hence ive made it my mission to educate myself over 30 years with the leaders in the industry with international certifications to help others live like I do with no pain, no bloating, no medications and instead living in the best me.

So Push the Link and Lets Get Started Friends. Ive Got you.


About Sandy

Sandy has 30 years experience in all aspects of fitness, health & wellbeing and is a pioneer in her ability to help rehabilitate, rejuvenate tone strengthen bodies of all age including weight loss and hormone balancing and eliminating anxiety and stress.

Sandy currently runs an exclusive private/semi-private training business and rehab clinic in Albany, NZ applying Chek Practitioner principles.  Sandy is   a Master Trainer in mat and reformer pilates in her practise together with teaching community mat pilates classes at two North Shore, Auckland venues.

Sandy’s clients include CEOs, executives, physios, athletes of all ages Doctors and leading surgeons who have attributed total rehabilitation, post hip, shoulder and knee surgery alongside weight loss and general wellbeing, pain relief and energy levels  from her unique approach to wellness.

She has changed peoples life’s and beliefs and assisted in fighting pain and inflammation and cancer together with building strong minds and bodies with her unique approach to treating everyone as an individual and apply a combination of her holistic lifestyle, pilates and CHEK quals.